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Sizes and Colours


The best way to determine what size to buy is to measure the child from shoulder to ankle. Listed below are the lengths by size from the shoulder seam to the bottom of the robe. Most of our customers buy the biggest size possible, as long as the child is not tripping on the hem! This allows for several years use.

0-12 months 17 inches
12-24 months 20 inches (normally ankle length on a 1 year old)

Small - 26 inches (age 3-4 years)
Medium - 31 inches ( age 5 -7)
Large - 37 inches (age 8-10)

Most of our products allow you to select different thread colours for the embroidery. Use the samples below to help you choose.

Thread Colours:

Cabbage Swirl Chenille: Available in Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Teddy, and Chocolate Brown.

Dimple Dot Chenille Fabric: Available in Pink, Blue, Yellow, White, Green, Chocolate Brown.